Thursday April 14, 2022

14-04-22 09:00 am


Secretary Eric Friedlander
Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

14-04-22 09:15 am

FDA Regulation of E-cigarettes

Willow Anderson
Public Health Law Center

Mikael Merissa
Public Health Law Center


  1. Describe the FDA’s premarket review of e-cigarettes.
  2. Analyze the impacts of FDA premarket review of e-cigarettes
  3. Discuss next steps for e-cigarette regulation.
14-04-22 10:15 am


14-04-22 10:30 am

Tobacco Industry Tactics: Cigar Bar Amendment Attempts in Kentucky

Onjewel Smith
American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation

Rebecca Hollenbach
Louisville Department of Public Health and Wellness

Wynona Padgett
Somerset Citizen

Shannon Baker
American Lung Association

Dr. Timothy Mullett
Markey Cancer Center



  1. Describe attempts to amend smoke-free ordinances in Somerset and Louisville to exempt cigar bars.
  2. Compare and contrast potential impacts of cigar bar amendments to smoke-free laws.
  3. Discuss successful advocacy strategies and messaging frames in combating these amendments.
14-04-22 11:30 am


Join your colleagues in the Networking Hall to discuss one of the following:

  • Adult Tobacco Treatment
  • Youth Tobacco Prevention and Treatment
  • Tobacco Control Policy
  • Tobacco Control Media Brainstorm
14-04-22 12:00 pm


14-04-22 01:00 pm

KCSP Awards Ceremony

Lee T. Todd, Jr. 2022 Smoke-free Hero Award

  • Louisville Metro Council
  • City of Somerset

Everette Varney 2022 Smoke-free Indoor Air Excellence Award

  • Owsley County Fiscal Court
  • City of Beattyville
14-04-22 01:30 pm

Adult Mentors Engaging Youth in Advocacy

Kim Homer Vagadori
California Youth Advocacy Network

Lauren Williams
McCracken County High School


  1. Describe characteristics of an effective local youth program and the best practices for youth engagement.
  2. Analyze best practices for recruiting and mentoring youth participants to initiate and sustain a youth coalition.
  3. Describe local, state, and national level student engagement opportunities.
14-04-22 02:30 pm


14-04-22 02:45 pm

Growing Local Coalitions to Advance Public Health

Dr. Jenny Lawlor
Life Span Institute, University of Kansas

Melissa Phillips
Lincoln Trail District Health Department


  1. Describe how to create and maintain coalitions and partnerships.
  2. Analyze the barriers and facilitators to growing local coalitions.
  3. Discuss communications that promote interest and encourage involvement by coalition members
14-04-22 03:45 pm

Closing Remarks

Colmon Elridge
BREATHE Board Member